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JF12A/12B Electronic Counting Machine


Working Principle

The bottle blocking device on the feeding track of the conveying bottle mechanism will be transported by the upper equipment to block the bottle in the filling position and wait for filling. Drugs enter the pharmacy storehouse orderly through the vibration of the corrugated plate of the feeding material. The pharmacy storehouse is equipped with counting photoelectric sensors. Drugs that fall into the pharmacy storehouse are quantitatively counted by photoelectric counting sensors and then packed into bottles at the bottle filling position.

Main Character

(1) Compatibility is strong. It can count and bottle tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pills and other solid preparations or solid particles.

(2) Vibration blanking: 12 channels vibration uniform blanking, unique patented turning plate loading mechanism blanking, uniform and stable discharging, no damage to drugs;

(3) Anti-high dust: The company's original anti-high dust photoelectric sensing technology can work steadily under high dust conditions.

(4) Accurate counting: Photoelectric sensor counts automatically, and the bottling error is less than the national standard.

(5) Leakage nozzle with special structure can prevent blockage of drugs, and bottles with small mouth can also be quickly bottled (optional).

(6) Intelligent, with many detection and alarm control functions, such as no bottles, fault self-inspection, etc.

7Function matching: automatic detection of photoelectric sensor for bottle shortage and automatic shutdown;

(8) Easy to operate: Intelligent design is adopted, and various operating parameters are set according to need;

(9) Easy maintenance: Operators need only simple training to operate, disassembly, cleaning and

replacement parts are simple and convenient, without tools;

(10) Sealed dustproof: equipped with dust removal box to reduce dust pollution (optional).

Main Technical Parameters:

Applicable bottle type: 10-500 ml round and square plastic bottle

JF-12A: Suitable tablet, capsule size: 0~5# capsule, soft capsule, Φ5.512 plain tablets, shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets, Φ312 Chinese pills

JF-12B: Suitable tablet, capsule size: 000~5# capsule, soft capsule, Φ5.520 plain tablets, shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets, Φ320 Chinese pills

Production capacity: 20-40 bottles per minute (related to bottle specifications, loading capacity and drug specifications)

Bottling volume setting range: 1-9999

Power supply and power: AC220V 50Hz 0.8kw

Accuracy: > 99.5% (better than industry standards)

Gas source: 0.6Mpa

Shape size: 1400 *1400 * 1560 mm  

Weight: 320kg



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