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JF-16A/16B Electronic Counting Machine


Working Principle

The bottle stopper device on the bottle feeding rail of the conveying bottle mechanism will block the bottle conveyed from the upper device and stop at the bottling position, waiting for filling. The medicine enters the medicine chamber through the vibration of the feeding corrugated board, and the counting photoelectric sensor is installed on the medicine chamber. The medicine falling into the medicine chamber is quantitatively counted by the photoelectric counting sensor and then loaded into the bottle in the bottling position.

Main Feature

(1) It has strong compatibility, and can count and bottle solid preparations or solid particles such as tablets (including shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pills, etc.;

(2) Vibrating blanking: 16 channels of vibration uniform cutting, special patented flapping mechanism, material discharge, uniform and stable discharge, no damage to drugs;

(3) Anti-high dust: It adopts the company's original anti-high dust photoelectric sensor technology, which can work stably under the condition of high dust;

(4) Accurate counting: photoelectric sensor automatically counts, bottling error is less than national standard;

(5) The special structure of the leaking nozzle can prevent the drug from being blocked, and the small bottle with the bottle mouth can also be quickly bottled;

(6) High degree of intelligence, with multiple detection and alarm control functions such as no bottle, fault self-test;

(7) Function matching: automatic detection of bottleless photoelectric sensor, automatic shutdown;

(8) Simple operation: intelligent design, various operating parameters are set as needed;

(9) Convenient maintenance: the operator can operate with simple training, and it is simple and convenient to disassemble, clean and replace parts, without tools;

(10) Sealed and dustproof: Configure the dust box to reduce dust pollution (optional).


Main Specifications

Applicable bottle type: round, square plastic bottle

JF-16A: Suitable tablet, capsule size: 0~5# capsule, soft capsule, Φ5.512 plain tablets, shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets, Φ312 Chinese pills

JF-16B: Suitable tablet, capsule size: 000~5# capsule, soft capsule, Φ5.520 plain tablets, shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets, Φ320 Chinese pills


Production capacity: 20 to 80 bottles / minute (related to bottle specifications, loading, drug specifications)

Bottle capacity setting range: 1-9999

Power and power: AC220V 50Hz 1.2kw

Accuracy: >99.5% (better than industry standards)

Air source: 0.6Mpa

Dimensions: 1360 *1350 *1650mm  

Weight: 420kg



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