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TM-2 Transparency Instrument & tester

  Transparency Instrument is requisite for detecting transparency of gelation.

  Applicable standards.

  1. National stardard(Food additive Gelatin)GB6783-94

  2. National standard(Hard gelatin capsule for medicine )GB1371-92

  3. Vocation standard(Gelatin for medicin)QB2354-98


  1. Thoroughly eliminating the influence to results by environment

  2. Sample being conveniently taken out or put in by using standard test tube.High

  3. Airtight light source system.


  1.Test range (20-500)rpm

  2.Test accuracy range ±5mm.

  3.capacity 400ml

  4.Power: 220V/110V,1 phase /80W 5.Dimension (600×200240×630)mm3

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