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RY-2 Melting point tester

  1.Melting point is the temperature of something turning to liquid from solid.It is the main method to detect some characters such as purity etc.

  2 MHRY series are suitable for testing Melting point of drug,spice and dye etc.

  Applicable standard

  2. National standard (Chinese codex)/2000/

  3. Corporate standard (Melting point tester)Q/12XQ0185-2004


  1. Standard mercury thermometer survey temperature

  2. The manual knob changes the heater voltage

  3. Indicator type voltmeter demonstration heater voltage

  4. By magnifying glass observation sample melting situation

  5. Can test three sample together


  1.Range of melting point (50-300) ℃

  2.Accuracy <200℃ ≯±0.5℃


  3.Usage temperature (15-35) ℃

  4.Heating Rate (1,2,4,6) ℃/min

  5.Power of the heater 200W

  6.Voltage, 220V/110V,1 phase /500W

  11.Dimension (190*120*200))mm

  12.Weight 3.00KG

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