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RD-1 Melting point tester

  1. Melting point is the temperature of something turning to liquid from solid.It is the main method to detect some characters such as purity etc.

  2. MHRD series are suitable for testing Melting point of drug,spice and dye etc.

  Applicable standard

  1. National standard (Chinese codex)/2000/

  2. Corporate standard (Melting point tester)Q/12XQ0185-2004


  1. Testing the temperature with high-precision sensor,emending nonlinear error automatically.

  2. Using auto frequency-conversion control technology with jhigh accuracy in controlling temperature and little linear error in heating speed .

  3. Auto-memorizing and nothing preset data and melt point,holding without power .

  4. Auto magnetism stirrer,with the bath oil even in temperature .

  5. Auto-preset temperature,auto-heat,display preset and real-time data alternately in time .

  6. Automation:auto-test,auto_diagnose,auto_alarm.


  1.Range of melting point (50-270) ℃

  2.Accuracy <200℃ ≯±0.5℃


  3.Usage temperature (15-35) ℃

  4.Range of preset temperature (50-260) ℃

  5.Oil bath methyl silicone oil

  6.Oil bath cup 250ML high beaker

  7.Rate (0.5、1.0、1.5、3.0) ℃/min

  8.Accuracy of rate ≤10%

  9.Power of the heater 200W

  10.Power 2 220V/110V,1 phase /500W

  11.Dimension (320×180×290)mm 12.Weight 6.00KG

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