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JS-2 Gelatin gel strength test system

  This system is provided for detecting jelly strength of gelatin.

  It consists of

  1. JS-2 jelly strength tester

  2. HW-2 Constant temperature bath

  3. ZL-2 Refregerator

  Applicable standards

  1.Natianal standard(Food additive Gelatin) GB6783-94

  2.Vocation Standard (Industrial gelatin) QB/T1996-94

  3.American codex/No.22/VSPXX

  4.Vocation standard(Bone gelatin) QB/T1997-94

  5.Wational standard(Hard gelatin capsule for medicine) GB13731-92

  6.Vocation standard(Photographic gelatin) QB1997-94

  7.Vocation standard(Gelatin for medicine ) QB2354-98

  8.Corporate standard(Gelatin get strength test system) Q/12XQ0190-2004


  1.A MPU is used to control all operations in Jelly strength system.It works in Bloom mode and the Bloom gram is displayed by LED.The probe is of British standard.

  2.Using high-precision pressure sensor,auto-correcting nonlinear errors,high accuracy.

  3.Any sample depth can be preset,with five sample speeds,three sample mode and two sample results .

  4.Using precise mechanical transmission gear with shock absorber,operating placidly,displaying stably.

  5.Precisely constant temperature bath system is composed of invariable temperature water tank and refrigerate .

  6.Using magnetism pump system to circulate water for equably heating,bath temperature getting even.

  7.Using high-precision temperature sensor,with little linear error and high accuracy in testing temperature .

  8.Using auto frequency-conversion controlling temperature intellectually high accurately.

  9.A new type of high-reliability and great-power compressor applied in refrigerator,with high speed and low noise in refrigeration.

  10.Presetting temperature at will,displaying preset and real-time data alternately in time.


  1.Test range (5-1000)g

  2.Test accuracy range ±0.05%

  3.Travel (1-60)mm

  4.Travel accuracy ±0.1mm

  5.Temperature control range (5-39.9)℃

  6.Temperature control accuracy±0.1℃

  7.Cooling Time 40min

  8.Power 220V/110V,1 phase /1200W

  110.Dimension JS-2(260×260×420)mm3


  ZL-2(400×350×280)mm3 12.Weight 77KG

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