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ND-1 Bloom viscosity instrument & tester

  ND series of instrument are used for detecting viscosity of gelatin by BLOOM method

  Applicable standards.

  1.National stardard(Food additive Gelatin)GB6783-94

  2. National standard(Hard gelatin capsule for medicine )GB1371-92

  3. Vocation standard(Gelatin for medicin)QB2354-98

  4. Corporate standard(Bloom viscosity tester)Q/12XQ0193-2004


  1. A MPU is used to control all operations in Bloom Viscosity tester.

  It works in Bloom mode and the viscosity data is displayed by LED.

  2. High temperature accuracy,Even temperature of the bvath liquid .

  3. Using capillary and precise photo-electricity transducer.

  4. Automatically calculating time and viscosity .

  5. Auto-timing,auto-alarming .auto-testing continually.

  6. Automation :auto-test,auto-diagnose.auto-alarm.


  1.Test range (0-9.99)mpa.s

  2.Test accuracy range 0.05mpa.s

  3.Temperature control 60.0℃

  4.Temperature control accuracy±0.1℃

  5.Time accuracy ±0.5min

  6.Volume 100ml

  7.Volume accuracy ±0.5

  8.Recital distance (152±2)mm

  9.Power 220V/110V,1 phase /600W

  10.Dimension (400×300×450)mm3 11.Weight 12KG

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