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YB-1A Vacuum constant temperature drying oven

  According to the “drying shrinkage measuring method” need of "the People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia",Absorbs the domestic and foreign similar products the merit,has the unique innovation product,its each target achieves the domestic similar products advanced standard.

Applicable standards

  According to the People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia in 2005.


  1. Machine Succinct artistic.

  2. Touches the pressed key lightly completely,the simplicity of operator

  3. The vacuum degree is high,the sealing property is good

  4. Controls the warm performance to be good,the temperature distribution is even

  5. The indicator type vacuum degree demonstrated that the big digital temperature demonstrated that the understanding condition is more direct-viewing

  6. On uncaps the type structure,exquisite nimble

  7. The pressure resistance visible mirror,may momentarily observe the sample


  Vacuum range (0-0.1)MPa

  Warm control range: (30-150)℃

  Control precision: ±2.0℃

  Circumstance temperature: (15-35)℃

  Heater power: 150W

  Voltage: 220V/50Hz/150W

  Overall size: (36*36*25)cm3Weight: 16KG

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