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CM-2 Transparency tester for liquid

  It tests Definition of injection and bottled medicine liquid.

  Applicable standards:

  1. National standard (Chinese codex)/2000/

  2. Health department standard WB1-362(B-121)-91

  3. Corporate standard(Clarify tester)Q/12XQ0193-2004


  1. The three-primary-color fluorescent lamp is controlled by good lighting sensor,electronic inductor and shading .

  2. Flash eliminated .illumination is adjustable .

  3. Time and alarm automatically .Test continuously.

  4. Used by two person at the same time.


  1.Lamp three-primary-color fluorescent lamp

  2.illumination range (1000-4000) LUX

  3.Time range (1-99)s

  4.Power 220V/110V,1 phase /50W

  5.Dimension 660×380×500mm 6.Weight 22KG

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