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CS-3 Tablet friability tester

  CS series of instruments are used for detecting friability/abrasion of tablet .

  Applicable standards.

  1.National standard(Chinese codex)/2000/

  2.Corporate standard(tablet friability tester)Q/12XQ0189-2004


  1. Two drums run synchronously .Auto stop at timing point .

  2. The drum is made of high quality hyaline acryl;

  3. Therevolution of the drum can be preset at any time;either preset or real data is displayed on the LED .

  4. A MPU is used to control all operations.high accuracy is achieved in testing rotary speed and circle number;

  5. Automation: auto-test .auto-diagnose,auto-alarm;


  1.Cylinder number 2

  2.Cylinder radius ¢286mm

  3.Cylinder depth 39mm 4.Tablet fall height 156mm

  5.Rotation count 10-900r6.Rotation count accuracy ±1r

  7.Rotatiom speed 25rpm

  8.Rotation speed accuracy ±1rpm

  9.Power 220v/50hz/50w or 110v/60hz/50w

  10.Dimension (360×300×340)mm

  11.Weight 14kg

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