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LD100-6000 Multi-effect distiller

  Main Introduction:

  This machine is the first list pipe multi-effect distiller of China which was mapped from Finland FINNAQUA in 1982 year.We bend ourselves to WFI (Inject water) system and process technology and equipment design for twenty years.According to foreign high-tech and combine national actual condition,we continuously improve the machine to perfect especially the multi-effect distiller.We got two patent technology as following;

  1. Inner heat recycle type multi-effect distiller,patent No.95243492X.

  2. Two pipe plate U type structure condenser,patent No.98225059.2

2.0 The main capacity of machine


  This machine issteam heating multi-effect distiller machine.The process is getting rid of the ion of the raw water and use advanced list pipe falling film multi-effect distilling and helix plate structure.to separating pyrogen.Through scientific calculating and excellent design,use quintuple effect evaporation so that can recycle the energy and the effect is very good.This machine is accord with GMP standard.


  This machine conductance rate is lower than 2µS/cm,(0.5 MΩ/cm)the raw water is removed ion,no ammonia,no chlorine,max rigidity is 2ppm(CaCO3)


  This machine distilled water conductance rate is <1 µS/cm(1 MΩ/cm)


  Making standard is according to pharmaceutical industry standard JB20030-2004(MUTLT-EFFECT DISTILLER) and GMP standard.

  According to GMP needs,confirm the following:

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