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SXG Rotary Flash Distillation Dryer
Main Introduction:
Hot air enters into stirring and crushing chamber from the bottom of drier with suitable atomizing speed.It exerts strong shearing,blowing,floating and rotating effect to raw material.Therefore raw material is granulated through centrifuge,shearing,impacting and friction effect.It strengthens the process of heat exchange.At the bottom of drier,the large and damp granule is crushed the action of stirrer and the granule that is small in particle and contain less moisture will lift accompanied with revolving air stream.During the period of lift,it is dried further.Because gas and solid two phases flow in rotating and the inertia of solid phase is more than that gas and the relative velocity between solid and gas phases is large,so it strengthens the process of heat exchange.Therefore the machine has strong drying capacity.
Technical parameters
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