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BS-130 Horizontal Powder Packaging Machine

It can be used to pack Powder and Granule product such as sugar,salt,flour,plant seeds,coffee,desiccant etc up to 160ml.
The machine can automatic finish bag forming,filling,easy tear notch making,print date,finished bag discharged.Nitrogen flushing,unique bag shape,hole and Round corner punching are optional. 

1) PLC control,English and man-machine interface,operating easy and simple maintain.
2)  Bagging,sealing and filling is relatively independent of the system
3) could fill powder,granule or liquid product by changing filling device,two or even more products are nice with one machine.
4) Digital temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing,intuitive and accurate.
5) sanitary package for your product and perfect package appearance.
6) Easy and fast adjustment of change over,smooth performance and low noise Sensible safety device and no pollution during production to get Friendly working environment
Technical Specifications: 
Model BS-130
Measuring range 5-160ml
measuring method Piston pump
bag size Width 60-140mm  Length 70-180mm
Film thickness 80-120micron
Film core diameter 76.2mm (3")
Max Film roller outer diameter 500mm
Capacity(max) 50-80 bags/min
Control style PLC+ English touch screen
Power 3.5KW
Power supply AC 380/220V 50Hz/60HZ 
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Weight N.W.:750Kg
Dimensions(mm) 2500(L)×940(W)×1370(H)
Bag shape Three or four side sealing

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