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BS-180 Horizontal Powder Packaging Machine


  1 bottom seal and vertical seal left and right adjustment screw adjustment system,easy to adjust,

  2 up to vertical seals,seal sealing and good appearance

  3,the film at the film is automatically discharged from the system.

  4,the whole machine uses a full set of servo Control system,spindle,film,film feeding,automatic tracking control for filling,easy to operate,one-button adjustment of production,automatic tracking adjustment

  5,no bag opening and unloading control

  6,three sets of top sealing mechanism,guarantee not Leaked packet

  Technical Parameters:

Packing parameter Min bag size 60*75mm
Max bag size 180*225mm
Packing volume 300ml(max)
Packing speed 20-40bag/minute(depends on actual filling volume)
Film thickness 80-140ųm
Configuration Machine dimension 3500mm*970mm*1450mm(L*W*H)
Weight 900KG
Condition Environment T -10℃-+55℃
humanity <85%
Voltage AC380V、50Hz
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Air consumption 200L/min
Power 5Kw
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