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N95-001 N95/KN95 Surgical Face Mask Production Line

  I.Equipment introduction:

  1.1 Equipment Overview

  This machine is a full-automatic folding head hanging mask production equipment,from the mask body production to the head band welding,nose line welding to the finished product,fully automatic,PLC microcomputer control,high stability.

  1.2 Main functions of equipment

  Cloth welding

  PLC control

  Folding mask

  Forming welding

  1.3 overall structure (attached figure)

  Overall dimension: (about) L*w*H : 9800mm*1500mm*2000mm.

  1.4 main equipment configuration

  servo motor

  Control system

  The ultrasonic generator


  pneumatic components


  Base welding plus profile



  safety protection

  II.Technical parameters of equipment:

  1) Machine size: 9800mm (L) × 1500mm (W) × 2000mm (H)

  2) Applicable mask: N95 folding ear mask

  3) Breathing valve: optional automatic breathing valve hole / no breathing valve hole

  4) Surface printing: transfer printing method / customers make their own transfer head.

  5) Work efficiency: 40-45 tablets per minute

  6) Daily production capacity: more than 50000 (20h production)

  7) Voltage: 220V 50Hz

  8) Air pressure: 6kg / cm2

  9) Gas consumption 2L / min

  10) Power: 17.5kw

  11) Control mode: PLC

  12) Detection method: photoelectric detection

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