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KZ-1 Semi-Automatic Mask Production Line

  Line include

  Sealing cutting machine and welding machine

  I.Machine function introduction

  1.1 This production line is mainly used for the automatic formation of flat masks,which are transported under the flat belt and collected through the assembly line.

  1.2 High automatic feeding accuracy and fast speed

  1.3 High degree of automation can greatly reduce the work intensity of workers.

  1.4 Independent operation box,easy to operate,all actions are protected by safety

  II.Introduction to Machine Structure

  1.The main component structure of the machine

  This production line is mainly composed of five parts: automatic feeder (roller drive),cutting,welding,ultrasonic sealing,and conveying flat belt.

  The automatic feeding is equipped with a guide wheel mechanism,which can be adjusted according to the different widths and heights of the materials; in addition,it is equipped with a feeding rack,which can directly lift the material and push it in,which greatly reduces the work intensity of the work..

  The main machine is equipped with a cutting mechanism and a pressing mechanism.Stroke control does not require manual adjustment.It can be adjusted arbitrarily,and the servo motor is automatically adjusted without being affected by air pressure.

  III.Main technical parameters

  1.Technical parameters


Specification requirements

Equipment size

6500mm * 1000mm * 1950mm (The actual product shall prevail)

equipment weight

Total equipment weight ≤5000KG Ground load ≥500KG / m2

Equipment working power

220VAC ± 5% 50Hz grounding protection rated power ≤10KW (including welding machine)


≥100PCS / min

Rate of qualified products

99% (except for raw materials and human operations)

Compressed air


Equipment use environment

General workshop environment (no corrosive gas,no dust)

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