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FG -1C-2 weighing and packing machine


  This unit is manual work aid filling,automatic weighing,pneumatic element to seal packaging,automatic filling,automatic sealing by conveyer.By changing the method of feeding material,fits for the fluid granular such as milk powder,rice,bean,fodder,white sugar,or any thing low fluidity,such as flour,milk powder,pesticide,dyestuff.


  Double screw feeder or arc double-speed feeder system: simple structure,stable precision.

  The central of control and weighing consist of Mitsubishi PLC,Mettler Toledo weighing sensor and weighing terminal.Maximize accuracy of weighing and stability.

  English display,show parameters and working conditions,easy to control.

  Complete machine which contact with material made of stainless steel,adapt to amyctic materials.

  Changeable pneumatic grip,good leak tightness,fits for all size of package.

  Chemical industry belt,plastic chain belt,to select.

  Industry seam machine,plastic sealing machine optional


Metering Mode

Weighing (NET weighing type)

Feeding Mode

5-50Kg (20-100kg for oversized ones)

Packaging Weight


Packaging Rate

≥3 bags/min

Power Supply

3P / 220V 50-60Hz

Total Power

2.25 KW

Air Supply

6kg/cm2 0.2m3/min

Total Weight


Overall Dimensions

4000(variable depending on the conveyor)×1350×2500mm

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