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GY-U Suppository production line

  GY-U Suppository production line


  Output 6500-10000pcs/hour

  Single dosage: 0.5-5ml

  Dosage allowed: <±2%

  Packing material: PE/PVC,PVC/PVC

  Form shape: Bullet refills.Fish torpedo duckbill shape and other shape

  Adapt to the product : Synthetic fat oleic acid glyceride,glycerogelatin,Polyethylene glycol etc .

  Store the capacity of the liquid barrel : 50L

  Atmospheric pressure : 0.6Mpa

  Consume the tolerance : 1.5m3/minute

  Water quantity : 800KG

  The voltage of the power: 380V 3 Phase

  Total power : 7.5KW

  External dimension: 3470*3480*2230mm

  Total weight : 2000KG

  Complete machine work principle

  1. Forming parts:

  The film (PVC/PE) are clamped into forming area and pass the pre-heat mould-forming mould-blow air blow-form by blowing.And cutter will cut the former to tricorn and broken line

  2. Filling parts:

  Have 6 filling head,can be finish filling in one time by embedding method,precision is +/-1%,and there is heat preservation system with electric heating.The top mixing motor will ensure the medicine be even.

  3. Cooling parts

  the whole filled suppository come into cooling stand,outside the cooling box there are cooling water group,the cooling wind go through the condenser to cool the suppository.

  4. End sealing and code printing:

  The cooled suppository been sent to sealing area: pre-heat mould-sealing mould-code printing.Then cutting the product to 5 or 6 piece/plate,the cutting quantity/plate could be customed.

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