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Top & bag & Flat surface Labeling Machine,TB-JB type


  This series of machines are applicable for label sticking on surface oftop of bottle,flat paper or flat bags,even not flat bag.Machines of this series can automatically and successively complete different tasks such as bags distributing & feeding,label feeding & separating & sticking,and batch number marking .The equipment adopts electromechanical integration technology,Using large torque stepping motor or servo-drive motor as drive means and PLC electrical programming system as control means,thus ensuring precise,stable,reliable and high efficient label sticking.

  Technical Parameters:

  1) Product size range: width 25-100mm,length 25-100mm,height 1-100mm

  Label size: width 10-120mm,length 15-200mm.

  2) Label speeding: 80-120 bottles/min or 80-120pcs/min

  8) Power: 0.3kW

  9) Voltage: 220V 50-60Hz

  10) Weight: 180kg

  11) Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 1,600x 800 x 1,400mm

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