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XL-10B vial filling plugging capping machine

  I. Descriptions:

  This machine is a main machine for the liquid filling line of the penicillin bottle.It has the functions of automatic feeding,automatic filling,automatic filling,automatic filling,multi head automatic vacuum stopper,and the planet type capping.The whole machine liquid filling by the initial adjustment,fine adjustment two level adjustment,measurement precision; continuous positioning on the plug function,the pressure plug is absolutely reliable,planetary type rolling cover,cover,stable and reliable.No bottle no filling,no bottle no plugging and no bottle no capping to ensure the normal operation of production.The machine has a high degree of automation,stable operation and convenient operation,which meets the requirements of GMP.

  II.Main technical parameters:

  Stable production capacity: 200 bottles / min

  Filling quantity: 10head

  Stoppering head: 10

  Capping head: 10

  Applicable bottle: 5ml vial

  On the way: full plugging or semi plugging (adjustable)

  Measuring accuracy: 0 - 2%

  On the plugging rate: 99%

  Voltage : 380V/3/ 50Hz, or 220v/3/60hz

  Power 2Kw

  Dimensions: 2150 * 1200* 1650mm

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