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ALX-I Ampoule linkage line


  The compact line is composed of QCL series vertical ultrasonic washing machine,ASMR Tunnel type circulating heating air sterilizing oven,AGF series vertical filling & sealing machine,and each machine can be used stand-alone.It is apply for filling 1-20ml ampoule,it can achieve the processing such as ultrasonic washing,three time water washing(two time circulating water washing,one time fresh water,three-time airspraying,drying and sterilizing,cooling,liquid medicine filling,protection gaseous filling (compressed air filling and nitrogen filling);

  The machine is a new generation automatic production line which developed by making efforts for years and based on developed country’s technologies,and combine our advanced patent in it.


  Mechianical gripper are used on ampoule washing machine apply for lot 1-20ml ampoules;

  Ampoule does not stop while washing process,the water and air nozzle following the moving ampoule and insert into ampoule,good quality washing effect,and WFI economy .set the anti-oscillating device for washing machine

  The circulating water pipe and fine washing water pipe is separated fitted,there is no cross-contamination

  Add bullering block in front of the spiral screw to prevent ampoule broken and protect the spiral screw

  Ampoule out-feeding section is adopted cellular-belt to transfer ampoules .It is more stable and reliable

  Circulating heating air exert on the ampoule while sterilizing .excellent temperate distribution,energy economy.

  Protecting for HEPA while power failure,safe running .

  Water cooling system is optional .it can decrease fresh air supply from the washing room,and reduce the risk from wind different pressure imbalance,good cooling effect

  Wind pressure auto balancing regulating system is optional,it can make the air flow from heating section not move and steady,and it can advoid series troubles,such as the temperature getting incroasing in filling room and washing room.

  Set DOP testing port for sterilizing tunnel (including wind pressure testing wind speed testing,and partical testing)

  Adopt round even-pace wheel at ampoule in feed station instead of sector block to reduce ampoule breaking

  The sterilizing function for cooling section is optional for FAD requirement

  The inner surface of the sterilizing tunnel can be clean

  The ultrasonic or CIP system is optional for Sterilizing tunnel

  For filling and sealing machine,we exert locking device on its filling nozzle rest and sealing gripper rest .

  Filling & sealing machine adopts imported synchronous-belt mechanism instead of traditional to rotate the ampoule when sealing the ampoule .It is wear-proof,and working reliable.

  For filling and sealing machine,the cermamic pump .SS pump,creeping pump is optional

  For filling and sealing machine,the servo system is optional for driving filling pump .PLC control the whole machine,inverter and touch screen is used in control system,so the machine is stable and reliable during running .The touch screen can display running status of all unit machine,water pressures,gas pressures and temperatures of all controlled point,can display the status of all switches and its faults self –diagnosis,faults analysis and its solutions .the Washing –sterilizing-filling and sealing inter-linkage balancing device,All of these make the compact line in automatic control,and makes producing process stable and reliable.

  Siemens,RockWell,Mitsubishi or Delta is optional for the electrical control system .

  Main Technical Parameters

Product model QCL100+ASMR620+
Applications 1-20ml 1-20ml 1-20ml 1-2ml
Capacity(pc/h) 1-2ml 22000pc/h 1-2ml 24000pc/h 1-2ml 28000-30000pc/h 1-2ml 38000-40000pcs/h
5ml 16000pcs/h 5ml 18000pcs/h 5ml 20000pcs/h
10ml 11000pcs/h 10ml 15000pcs/h 10ml 18000pcs/h
20ml 6000pcs/h 20ml 8000pcs/h 20ml 12000pcs/h
Clean rate >99%
Filling and sealing Qualified rate More than 99%
Filling qualified rate According to national state phamacopoeias Standards of Chine
Fresh water consumption and pressure Consumption:0.4-1.0cbm/h Pressure :0.2MPA
Punfield compressed air consumption and pressure Consumption:0.4-1.0cbm/h Pressure :0.2MPA
Sterilizing Temperature 330℃-350℃
Air Cleanness 100class
Exhaust Volume 4100m3/h
Gas Fuel Consumption And Pressure Consumption:1.5-2.5cbm/h
Oxygen Consumption and Pressure Consumption:1.2-1.5cbm/h
Overall Dimension 9940×2003×2445 10100×2260×1455 10600×2260×2445
Weight 7500KW
Power Capacity 380V 50HZ 71KW
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