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YP-IIC Capsule polisher

 Main Introduction:
YP-IIC Capsule polisher is based on updating the YP-IIB capsule polisher with transducer speed adjustment and it come with fltrating function. The whole machine was made with stainless steel. The drum brushes connection is chosen by rapid bayonet with convenient dismantle and assemble, The rotational speed of the motor was controlled by invertor. It can support huge moment of force runs stable and reliable. The machine is suitable for capsule and pill polishing and electrostatic eliminate also get rid of light, vacant, fragment and other separation capsules. All types of capsules are applicable the machine
Technical parameters:

Power supply 220v/110v, 50/60hz, 180w
Capsule size 000-5#
Tablet size 5-10mm
Output 120000-180000pcs/hr
Vacuum dust cleaning 2.7m3/min-0.014Mpa
Compressed air (client prepare himself) 0.25M3/min 0.3Mpa
Overall size 900*660*860mm
Weight 55Kg
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