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HJG stopper/caps drying oven


  1.Overall size: 1450×1000×1400mm

  2.Drum size: Φ600×600mm

  3.Heating power: 9KW

  4.Working noise: ≤62 dBs

  5.Temperature range: 30 to 350℃

  6.Filtering class: ≥99.95%


  HJG high effiency stopper/caps drying and sterilization oven are continuously rotating when drying.This equipment are made of body,blowing system,water cooling system,temperature self control system,rotate body,and exhaust air system.Main material of machine is SUS304,and this machine are install with class 100 laminar flow filtering device which can get to need of GMP.The equipment can be widely applied in washing stopper,Al caps,AL/PVC capsetc.

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