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DPP-88 AL- PVC Blister Packing Machine

  Performance and Characteristics

  Variable Frequency Speed Regulating,PC Circuit Control Panel

  Adjustable travel adopts manipulator grip equipped with inching device,which has accurate synchronization.

  Travel-type feeder is suitable for feeding capsules and tablets.

  Mould spout location is convenient for replacing mould.

  Exquisite machine is suitable for small-scale production and laboratory.

  Technical Parameters:

  Blanking Frequency:25-35times/min

  Blanking Plate:1-2plates/time

  Adjustable Scope of Travel: 30-90mm

  Packing Efficiency: 1200-2100plates/hour

  Max Forming Area and Depth:90×80×16mm

  Specifications of Packing Material (Medical PVC): 88×0.25(015-0.5)mm

  (PTP): 88×0.02mm

  Total Power of Electric Source: Single-phase 220v 50Hz 1.8 Kw

  Air-compressor: ≥0.10 M3/Min(self-prepared)

  Pressure: 0.5MPa

  Dimensions: 1400×600×1200mm


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