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XG120B Spindle Capping Machine

Working principle
The cap manager cover mechanism is arranged, and the cap facing up is continuously sent to the capping track, and the bottle which is transported from the other equipment of the line to the bottle feeding track enters the capping area, and the bottle is clamped by the pinching device on both sides. The cap is automatically put on when moving forward, and the capping device presses the cap to the pre-tight state before the capping, and the cap is tightly screwed on the bottle under the action of three pairs of high-speed rotating wear-resistant rubber wheels.
Main feature
(1) It has strong compatibility and is suitable for cover type and bottle type of various specifications;
(2) A pair of caps and capping devices are applicable to caps of various specifications;
(3) Rotary cover torque control ensures the quality of the screw cap (optional);
(4) Swing type capping wheel, the capping force is more suitable, and the capping wheel wear is greatly reduced;
(5) It has many inspection and alarm control functions such as no bottle, no cover, no work, cover, reverse cover, no aluminum foil detection, fault self-test, etc., to ensure continuity and accuracy;
(6) Fully automatic operation, intelligent joint control with the upper and lower processes, good coordination, no need for special personnel operation, saving labor;
Main Specifications
XG120 Capping Machine
Applicable bottle type: 20~500ml round, oblate, square, flat square bottle
Production capacity: 50 ~ 120 bottles / minute
Power and power: AC220V 50Hz1.8kw
Air source: 0.6Mpa
Dimensions: 1850 *600 * 1560mm
Weight: 600kg
Main configuration
NO. Name Manufacturer
1 Motor TQG (Taiwan)
2 Look at the bottle photoelectric eye Matsushita
3 Pneumatic Components Shanghai Star
4 Frequency converter Delta
5 Switch button Schneider
6 main control board Using Delta PLC
7 HMI Delta
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